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It's easy to start your studies in iErudite! Take 3 steps:

1 Register on the Yellow Spaceship

For this visit the launch pad of the Yellow Spaceship, the address is

During the registration be attentive when filling in the form —
your e-mail address, name in Skype, contact phone number.
2 Prepare the working place

Study the page «Working place demands» and then do your best to equip your working place according to our advice. The more convenient your working place is the less problems you have and, consequently, your studies will be pleasant and easy!
3 Get first 8 classes for free!

While you are preparing your working place we'll contact you, advise the best course for you, introduce you to your teacher, teach you to use the study room and arrange the timetable!

The first 8 hours of your class will be free of charge on a trial basis. If at the end of your trial period you will choose to continue with your program, the subsequent classes will be on a paid basis.

What is the Yellow Spaceship?

Why do I need to register?