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Russian Language Day

President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has signed the executive order "On Russian Language Day". In accordance to the document this day will be celebrated every year on June 6, the birthday of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

We are glad that this great event coincides with the end of three-year approbation period of our school. Thanks to everyone, who helped us become better. We are ready to the new achievements!

07 June 2011


Distance Learning Booming

On April, 22 iErudite project was presented to the expert community at All-Russian conference «Pedagogy of Development».

As the organizers said, «... the report made a lot of stir». There were a lot of questions asked about setting up the school, teaching effectiveness and new opportunities fostered by distance learning. In general, the report was highly estimated and the topic of distance learning turned out to be one of the future oriented lines of Russian education development.

We would remind you that the «Pedagogy of Development» conference is held since 1994 and deals with innovations in educational technologies.

Download the presentation (1,04 Mb)

18 July 2009


Russian for Corporate Clients

During the action «Early Bird Discount» not only new school learners but adults who have already established themselves in life joined our list of students! Thanks to working with them we came to the conclusion that the courses, which at the beginning were intended for school learners, are interesting and effective for adults as well!

And now with all the responsibility we are ready to make an offer to companies, whose business is oriented to partnership with Russia.

If there are three or more employees who want to improve their Russian language skills, your company has a chance to become our corporate client and get the following benefits:

  • 15% discount for each employee;
  • an individual curriculum adjusted to the needs of your company.

Besides, all the educational bonuses are included. You will get a high quality individual online streamed video instruction based on multimedia courses at convenient for your employees time, the opportunity to study at the office or at home, even on business trip provided there is an access to the Internet. Besides, we offer an opportunity for 8 teaching periods of the chosen course free of charge!

If you want to become our corporate client, send an application on

26 January 2009


The Knowledge Day — the flight is OK!

Today, on the 1st of September, The Knowledge Day, we sum up the results of our summer offer «Summer Discount Programme». 28 places out of 40 available at iErudite have been filled, and we are happy to have new students! We have a special offer for the remaining 12 places.

In autumn, from September 1 to December 1, you can enjoy an «Early Bird Discount». It means that the sooner you enroll for our courses, the larger your discount will be!

Students of the 12th and 11th places will get a 50% discount
Students of the 10th and 9th places will get a 40% discount
Students of the 8th and 7th places will get a 30% discount
Students of the 6th, 5th and 4th places will get a 20% discount
Students of the 3rd, 2nd and last places will get a 10% discount

The countdown has started — forward, in search of knowledge!

01 September 2008


50% Summer Discount!

Excellent news from the iErudite school! Today, on the 1st June in honour of international Children's Day we are starting our «Summer Discount Programme». All the Summer from 1st June to 1st September 2008 everyone who sign up for one of online courses provided by iErudite receives 50% discount for the whole educational course! It's never been so easy to access high-quality education!

Now we are finishing to work out «Russian – Pilot» — this multimedia course of Russian language has already been in initial testing. Thereby we open the preliminary course registration. Training starts on July the 15th.

Have you calculated the action benefits?
If you sign up for the course «Russian – Space cadet» during the summer you'll save 448 USD!
If you sign up for the course «Russian – Pilot» in the summer period you'll save 2408 USD!

But for all that every educational bonus is saved. You receive high-quality individual education via contemporary multimedia course at a convenient time not leaving your home. First 8 academic hours of any course are still free of charge. It is hard to imagine a more advantageous proposal!

Are you looking where to sign up? Refer to the page: Eager to study, register there and receive an incredible 50% discount for the starting course.

01 June 2008


We have two very good news for you!

Congratulations! We officially launched our preliminary course «Russian – Space cadet», and it is now opened for both youth and mature students. We would be happy to receive your application!

We also happy to announce that the «Russian – Pilot» course is approaching the final point, and the course will be opened for advance applications soon.

We've got another fascinating surprise for you. It will appear on the website very soon, on 1st June, the International Children's Day. Not to miss it, stay tuned!

And now we offer you some animations from the second course «Russian – Pilot»:

 Topic: In a shop. Pronouns это/то in action.

 Topic: Accusative case.

 Topic: Home things.

 Topic: Body.

22 May 2008


Preliminary enrollment on courses is open

iErudite school is finishing the testing of the first training course «The Russian language», «Space cadet» level.

In connection with this event we open preliminary enrollment on courses that starts from 19th May 2008.

To become the student of iErudite school is easy!
Read about this on page «Eager to study!»


17th April 2008


12th April — Astronautics Day

The space has always been the embodiment of something mysterious, enigmatic and unknown, but at the same time attracting eyes and minds of all generations. And so, thanks to the hard work of specialists and the courage of test pilots the dream to conquer the space came true. We think of 12th April 1961 with pride and delight, the day when Yury Gagarin performed the first space flight in the history of the humanity!

The slogan of iErudite school «Through the stars to knowledge!» expresses the desire of our students for learning everything new. The symbol of our school — the Yellow Spaceship — is our students' assistant. We are happy that now we have a pioneer Andrey Efimov, an eleven-year-old boy from the USA, who has bravely plunged into the learning of Russian. Very soon you will also have such opportunity! Keep up with the news of our school.

12th April 2008


The first intercontinental lesson!

Attention! Attention! All broadcasting stations of the world!

Today, 15th March 2008 the first communication session between the student and the teacher of On-line iErudite school has taken place. The session lasted two teaching periods, during that time the space cadet Andrey Efimov demonstrated high motivation, asked questions via Skype and looked through the new multimedia manual «Russian» with great curiosity.

The author of the manual Natalia Darsavelidze states, «Andrey is a pioneer in our school, who is going towards yet unexplored, but already so interesting to him the Russian language! I'm sure that soon other students will join him. Students, who are interested in an absolutely new, advanced way of learning, and who are eager to master the Russian language.»

15th March 2008