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Using the right approach in developing the academic courses for distance learning leads to the result which is not only highly competitive with standard school education but also excels it in many characteristics. Thus, many subjects can be learned just as well over the Internet at our iErudite school through our distance learning approach.

Russian, Mathematics, Physics, History, Economics — all these subjects gain a high level of appeal when a team of specialists in science and education, professional artists, animators and announcers get down to the development and design of the textbook and manuals. The quality of the teaching material is affirmed by the experience of the authors and obligatory testing with volunteers.

All these aspects take place in the production cycle of iErudite school academic courses development.

At present, the iErudite school offers a number of courses of Russian language at different levels. This is just the beginning, and we plan to expand the list of subjects as the school develops.

Please note, that to new customers we offer an opportunity for 8 teaching periods free of charge in order to evaluate the quality of the chosen lecture course.

The Russian language

Online iErudite school offers children aged 8 to 16 courses of Russian developed specially for those living in English-speaking countries.

These courses are also suitable for adults, because the content of these courses is as interesting and detailed as the content of a good textbook and is full of multimedia illustrations!

For corporate clients we have got a special offer.

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Space cadet





Space cadet 40 teaching periods

The first short course is intended for studying the basis of the Russian language and also for acquainting yourself with the educational experience at the iErudite school.

You will learn the alphabet, reading and writing rules and basic grammar. Also you will get to know the main forms of speech etiquette, study the topics of «Family», «Time» and «Making an acquaintance».

By the end of the course you will know the vocabulary that is used in the process of studying, which means that you are ready to go on to next level of studying Russian without using English.

The lessons are conducted in English and Russian.

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Pilot 180 teaching periods

Studying case and prepositional system, tense and aspect forms of the verb. Everyday communicative situations: «At school», «Friends», «At the doctor's», «Weather», «Happy Birthday», «Holidays», «Shopping», «City», «Transport», «Animals» etc.

Extension of communicative skills, the ability to react and respond quickly to spoken language, and the practice of asking your own questions. Perception of the Russian written and oral speech. Reading of adapted texts, learning songs, watching authentic Russian cartoons.

The lessons are conducted in Russian.

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Navigator 180 teaching periods

Revision of the courses «Space cadet» and «Pilot». Improving the use of case, time and aspect forms, verbs of motion with and without prepositions. Enlarging the vocabulary.

Improving the speaking skills. Developing the skill of complex sentence construction, sentences with participles, adverbial participles.

The lessons are conducted in Russian.

The textbook is being developed.

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Captain 180 teaching periods

Developing of speech, enlarging the topical vocabulary, learning the social, cultural, popular science information in Russian.

High level of using grammar. Reading of adapted literature. Listening to radio programmes and songs. Giving personal opinion on different topics.

The lessons are conducted in Russian.

The textbook is being developed.

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Admiral 180 teaching periods

Having the skills of fluent speech, ability to listen to and understand fluent Russian. Studying some stylistic details. Ability to express a viewpoint in different ways.

Reading and listening of original Russian texts. Learning slang expressions and idioms.

The lessons are conducted in Russian.

The textbook is being developed.

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